About Us

Our History

The Jerry D. Routh and Cheryl Sawatzke Routh Family Foundation was incorporated in the state of Nevada in 2002 by husband and wife Jerry D. Routh, MD and Cheryl S. Routh, Ph.D.

Raised in the Midwest (Cheryl) and the West (Jerry) the Rouths were educated as biologists and hold advanced degrees in the medical (Jerry) and biomedical sciences (Cheryl) from Tulane University. After completing training, the Rouths moved to Las Vegas in 1980 where Jerry established a cardiology practice and Cheryl became involved in drug abuse prevention, education and charitable organizations.

The Rouths raised two children in Las Vegas. Both children were educated in the public school system of Clark County and are individually successful with advanced degrees in bioengineering and counseling psychology respectively.

The Routh family believes in strong community responsibility and have been active in civic, youth and religious organizations for many years. The Routh family is rooted in a strong Christian belief and have relied on their faith throughout their lives as members of Community Lutheran Church of Las Vegas and The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Considering themselves blessed with both monetary and personal gifts during their years in Las Vegas, the Rouths sought a vehicle with which to share those gifts with the greater Las Vegas community and beyond. The Rouths decided to develop a philanthropic organization that would allow them to fund charitable interests of a religious and educational nature and one that could be perpetuated. Working with a local attorney they established a private foundation which was incorporated in 2002. The Jerry D. Routh and Cheryl L. Sawatzke Routh Family Foundation is funded with personal funds and is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Board’s initial officers included Cheryl as President, Jerry as Secretary-Treasurer and Timothy Routh, Rebecca Routh, and Kristen Routh as Board members. These family members continue to constitute the current Board of Trustees.

Our Goals

The Jerry D. Routh and Cheryl L. Sawatzke Routh Family Foundation seeks to advance education and Christian values, especially in youth and young adults. The Routh Family Foundation seeks to support established organizations with goals common to the Routh Family Foundation and with an established track record and solid reporting policies. The Foundation does not solicit proposals or requests, but seeks out those organizations and projects that it wishes to support.

Our Operations

The Board of Trustees meets at least annually to do the business of the Foundation and fulfill the philanthropic goals of the Foundation. Annual grants are made to other organizations that meet the description in Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organizations which are intended for support include those whose purposes are principally charitable, educational and religious. Support of religious organizations is limited to those organizations whose beliefs and tenets are compatible with the Christian beliefs and moral values of Jerry D. Routh and Cheryl Sawatzke Routh. The Foundation may also support organizations with scientific or other purposes, however, such support is considered to be of secondary importance. Scholarship grants to individuals may be made, but such grants are of secondary importance to the Foundation. The Foundation does not solicit proposals or requests.

The Foundation exercises responsibility with respect to grants to 501(d)(3) organizations by confirming that the grant is spent solely for the exempt purpose for which it is made, by obtaining full and complete reports from the grantee organization on expenditures and by making full reports to the Internal Revenue Service. A 990-PF is filed with the IRS under EIN 30-0108286 and the Foundation is registered with the Nevada Secretary of State.

Cheryl S. Routh, Ph.D.


Jerry D. Routh, MD


Kristen L. Routh, MS


Timothy L. Routh


Rebecca L. Routh, Ph.D.


The Jerry D. Routh and Cheryl Sawatzke Routh Family Foundation is a Nevada Non-profit Corporation organized exclusively for charitable, educational and religious purposes. The Foundation seeks to assist, contribute to and support other organizations created exclusively for charitable, educational and religious purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code.
Nevada Secretary of State Certification Number C20080711-2242 – EIN Number 30-0108286